Are you happy now?

Are you happy now?...

You wanted me to be alone,
you wanted me to feel the feeling how it is to be alone
and now both me and my psychologist confirm that I am alone
are you happy now?
you thought I couldn't handle the loneliness, but I'm still alive.
but it is a pain, I am at the bottom of my life, my happiness, and my shining
I don't know what to do, I wanna be happy, smile and show the world the real me,
Believe me, you will never ever meet a person who is beautiful and strong like me,
But this place makes me feel loneliness, and I wanted to say that to you,
you wanted me to feel the feeling how it feels to be alone,
and for me, I couldn't believe this..why me? and why so sad?
Can you feel my tears? Can you believe I'm crying? Can you?
But as I said, I'm strong and this is only a test, your test, and the result is:
I'm still alive....

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