I'm feeling strong

Why does this feeling take so much time,
It has been years and I'm still feeling this pain,
I don't wanna give up on myself, I wanna live,
but sometimes it feels that I can't take it anymore,

a part of me wanna see what my future is going to bring,
I wanna feel happiness, joy and love,
My tears is coming at least once a day,

Please help me, come to me, do something,
I appreciate everything right now,
It's not fear the way I'm living
and you see me like this, still don't do anything,

Even tho' I'm feeling so strong, extremely strong,
My heart is open, it's waiting patiently for you,
I'm surprised over my self how far I've come,
please let me feel some happiness, I deserve it,

No one understands me, not even my closest,
I'm dissapointed at you, have you forgot what I did for you,
I'm moving on, life is moving on,
Life makes you to care less

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